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Posted in Reviews, Where can I get it ! on February 8, 2010 by Wineoceros

We don’t see a lot of wines from Sicily, although, as with the rest of Italy, the island’s wineries produce a great amount of it. Many of the ones we saw in the past reflected the hot climate — they were alcohol bombs and tasted burnt or stewed.

Technology and technique have advanced greatly in all winemaking, and today Sicily is certainly not behind the times.

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Cusumano Syrah ($9.95, #145490). Syrah you know as a grape variety, and this one is plump and warm yet still retains a nice balance of acidity that freshens it up. The fact that it has never been in wood helps boost the fruit-forward nature of the flavours. It comes across with strawberry, black currant, black cherry flavours spiced up with notes of cracked pepper and cloves.

Where can I get it ?

Cusumano Nero d’Avola ($9.95, #143164). Nero d’Avola you may not know — the “black grape of Avola” is an indigenous Sicilian variety that actually shows its best in hot and dry conditions, and makes big black wines. Again, lack of barrel use heightens the fruit. Here you get ripe cherries, blackberries, plums, juniper berries, and a whiff of cardamom.

Where can I get it ?