Emiliana Ge and Coyam

Each year Wine Access receives thousands of wines to be tasted but
only 101 make the end of the year list. This year Coyam 2007 and Gê
2006 were classified with 93 points each placing them at 16th and
18th place respectively on the list, making them the only Chilean
wines in the top 50 of the year.
This reinforces the fact that Emiliana has a great passion for
producing wines of the highest quality with a sustainable, organic,
and biodynamic agriculture which is the best way to achieve more
balanced and healthier vineyards, bringing forth better quality grapes
and therefore wine. This passion presents itself in Coyam and Gê, so
as Anthony Gismondi says “…there is a person with passion behind
each bottle because, in our estimation, passion and great wines are

“… This list includes the wines that inspire us most and that motivate
us to travel afar in search of the full story that lies behind each great
wine. Each wine represents a distinct plot of land, or terroir as the
French say.” – Anthony Gismondi

The Philosophy behind the wine



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